Corporate Uniforms | 4 Printing Methods to Consider

Corporate Uniforms 4 Printing Methods to Consider
Modern printing technology has enabled a wide range of customisation possibilities for all manner of clothes, from jerseys to jackets, to corporate uniforms. These apparels can then reflect an organisation or a team’s creativity and togetherness. However, before you flock to printing services to get your ideas out, it’s good to familiarise yourself with the different kinds of printing methods and whether they work well with the type of fabric you’re trying to get printed. Here at Uno Apparel, we employ 4 different printing methods, so let’s explore what those methods are in greater detail.

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen printing Corporate uniform in Singapore
Also known as serigraphy, silkscreen printing involves applying a design directly onto the fabric by rubbing, rolling, or spraying paint or ink through cut out areas. This was originally used in advertising and display work back in the early 1900s, but artists later adapted it for fabric as well. Typically, ink is poured through a screen that has an outline of your desired design, and a rubber blade is then used to force the ink through the screen and onto the fabric. Silkscreen printing is popular because of its cost effectiveness, especially when done in bulk, as well as the durability of the print itself. The best fabrics for silkscreen printing are cotton and dri-fit polyester. .T-shirts, polo tees, and hoodies are also viable options that one can consider. If you’d like to get your own corporate uniforms in Singapore printed using silkscreen printing, you can check us out @ UNO Apparel or talk to our customer service to see what we can do for you and your company! 


Embroidery printing machine Corporate uniforms in Singapore
Embroidery is often used to print logos on thicker garments. While they tend to be a little pricier than conventional printing, its longevity also translates to cost effectiveness in the long run. Because of its high-quality finish, many businesses use this for corporate uniforms and other business apparels for an even more professional look. Here at Uno Apparel, we also offer customers quality corporate jackets in Singapore where your company’s logo can stand out the most with embroidery to complement your printed uniforms.

Direct-to-garment (DTG)

  DTG printing Corporate uniform in Singapore
One of the latest printing methods to hit the industry, direct-to-garment printing is exactly as its name suggests — directly printing designs on fabric using modified inkjet technology. This method allows you to print your designs directly without losing any of the details, and without the hefty price tag that comes with silkscreen printing, at least when it comes to small batches. However, the cost for mass printing will add up, more so if the fabric is dark as a layer of white ink will need to be printed on the apparel as a base. Essentially, this is more “boutique” and is therefore more suitable for you if you’re looking for quality over quantity. However, if you’re looking to get this done on a bunch of corporate uniforms in Singapore, for instance, it would be better to consider other bulk-printing-friendly methods.

Heat Transfer

Also known as digital transfer, heat transfer does exactly as its name suggests — it involves the printing of your custom logo or design onto a transfer paper, after which ink is thermally transferred from paper to fabric using heat and pressure. One key advantage of heat transfer is its capability to print full-coloured designs, even accurately printing gradient colours! Ultimately, it’s still one of the lengthier printing processes available, so it works better if you only need to print in smaller quantities. This is a great option if you’re going for greater detail when sprucing up your corporate uniforms or jackets, for instance.
Here at Uno Apparel, we are well versed in different printing methodologies to meet every customer’s needs. For more information on the different services and apparels that we have available, please visit our website.