What To Consider Before Manufacturing Your Corporate Uniform

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Having a corporate uniform for your employees is a great way to promote both your brand as well as improve employee performance and morale. Be it corporate polo shirts, t-shirts, or jackets for your Singapore employees, here are some things to consider before choosing to manufacture your own custom corporate uniform.
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Investing in durable and long-lasting corporate polo shirts and t-shirts not only improves both comfort and morale of your Singapore employees, it also reduces the frequency and cost of repairing or replacing uniforms. However, choosing quality fabrics and adding extra features will naturally increase their cost, which should be factored into your overall budget against other expenditures such as expansion plans, hiring additional employees, or upgrading company infrastructure.
To avoid such a situation, it helps to first decide on the essential features needed for your corporate polo shirt, t-shirt, or jacket. This can range from crafting various sizes to properly fit your employees, fabrics that suit the work environment of employees, as well as functionality such as convenient pockets and reflective colours. Next, consider which employees will require additional uniforms, such as those who handle more hands-on tasks and go through more uniform rotations throughout the work week. Lastly, bear in mind that the majority of custom clothes suppliers require a minimum quantity of orders before they commence production, and ensure that your budget is sufficient to do so.


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Be it collared shirts, jackets, t-shirts, or polo shirts, a corporate uniform should be a blend of both form and function. A stylish design makes your employees look sharp and professional, while also helping them take pride in both their attire and work. One major advantage of a custom uniform is that businesses can incorporate their own company colours and brand logo, which helps in subtle advertising as employees go about their daily travels and work. Experienced custom apparel designers, such as Uno Apparel, can advise you on how to best complement your company colours with other design elements to help your corporate uniforms stand out.
Uno Apparel offers various options for custom corporate uniforms, such as silkscreen printing for durable and long-lasting designs, logo embroidery for tasteful printing of company logos on jackets, direct-to-garment printing using specialised inkjet technology, as well as UV printing for resistance against weather and fading. As your employees will be the ones wearing the uniform and are innately familiar with their roles and what works best, do consult their input for the design process as well.

Uniform Type

Employee wearing a restaurant business uniform
Different companies will have different corporate uniform needs, based on their market position, branding, as well as product and service offerings. For example, a fast food F&B chain would utilise t-shirts or polo shirts for comfort and lower costs per uniform, as compared to formal jackets and tailored uniforms for serving staff at a 5-star restaurant. In addition, certain work environments with hazard risks require adherence to safety measures, and corporate uniforms should incorporate features such as reflective safety strips as well as being breathable to reduce heat load.
A key consideration is the type of fabric you want for your corporate uniform, with cotton, polyester, and nylon being popular choices. Cotton is a classic choice for both corporate polo shirts and t-shirts, due to its breathability, being machine-washable, as well as being inexpensive to buy in bulk. Polyester is known for being comfortable, quick drying, and moisture-wicking, making it another alternative to cotton. Nylon is a popular choice for jackets, due to being durable and waterproof, making it ideal for employees working in more demanding environments.
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