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Uno Apparel is your ready made and customized uniform supplier and manufacturer. Founded in Singapore with the focus of creating better products with more choices for corporate uniform customers, complying with European Eco standards, we strive to bring high quality fabrics and workmanship to our corporate uniform and workwear assortments.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of company uniforms, T-shirts, and other apparel in Singapore, Uno Apparel offers you with the products and services that assure you utmost comfort! What we wear not only represents who we are but also what we can do. Being a supplier of shirts, jackets and other clothing in Singapore, Uno Apparel is with you towards your every pursuit. You can also reach us online for T-shirts and other apparel orders in Singapore.

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The sleek jacket also available in 4 colors

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Uno Logio Polo T Shirts

UNO Lugio Interlock Polo

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Get the best styles and stay on trend with Uno Apparel, the top shirt supplier in Singapore. Designed to be long lasting and timeless pieces, all of our clothing articles are made by professionals and fashion industry experts.

Jackets and Hoodies

Jacket Hoodies

We offer high quality jacket hoodies as a reputable jacket supplier in Singapore. We have a wide range of materials that are suitable for various personalisation techniques including embroidery and printing. Our range of hoodie jackets are also available in various sizes and colours for you to choose from.

Jackets & Hoodies

Fresco Quick Dry Series

Fresco Quick Dry Series

With a trademark for delivering quality and long lasting shirts, Uno Apparel is the shirt supplier that can deliver success to your projects whether it be preparing the company uniforms or coming up with a personalised gift. See our range of Fresco Quick Dry Shirts for your supplies today.

Fresco Quick Dry Series

Cotton Tee

Cotton Tee

As a leading t-shirt supplier in Singapore, Uno Apparel offers a wide range of cotton tees with various colours and sizes available. Our cotton tees have exceptional quality and long lasting durability that made them ideal for uniforms, gift ideas and personal wear.